Rasp Gesellschaft m.b.H.
Salzburg, Austria
Rasp company, since 1954.

Fabric Santa Claus & St. Nicholas Embroidery ornaments

S.Claus stand.quil.coatSt.Claus sitt.branch smSt.Claus standin.ski smSt.Claus stan.branch smSanta Claus sitting skiSt.Claus sitting branchSant.Claus standing skiSant.Claus standing bagSanta Claus stand.cloakSt.Claus stand. ski bigSa.Claus standi.bag bigSt.Claus sitting bag smSt.Claus sitting w/bagSt.Claus sittin.tree smSt.Claus sitting w/treeSt.Nicholas sm.standingSt.Nicholas standingSt.Nicholas big stand.Embroid.star stone tassEmbroid.heart stone tasEmbroid.tree stone tass

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