Angel-Folklore Angel - Ceramic and Polyresin items dec.

Pol.Angel sm.S4 han.decPol.Angel/I.S4 hang.decPol.nutcracker hang.decCeramic s-man f.h. decoCeramic santa f.h. decoPoly Gingerbread S5 decPoly Gingerbread bell decPoly sta.S2 decCer.Wi.child hgd.S2 iwreath bg decCeram.s-man/s-ball decoPol.Wi.child sta.S4 decWinter Owl S4 hang.decoWinter Bird hanging decWinter Bird/twig S2 decAngel Silent Night decoFolklor angel S4 hg.decFolklor ang.boy S2 decoFolklor ang.sit.S2 decoGlassba.Folkl.angel decPoly Owl wo.lo.hng decoPoly Bird wo.lo.hng decWinter figurine Set3 deAngel on acrylic-heartAngel/bonnet on star S2Angel w/bonnet stand.S2W.Bird w/bonnet/twig S2

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