Rasp Gesellschaft m.b.H.
Salzburg, Austria
Rasp company, since 1954.

Glass Balls - Glass Items Decorated

G.ball forest animas deG.ball forest animas deGl.ball wint.kids S2 deGl.ball christm.tree deGlassba.Si.Ni.chapel deGlassba.Si.Ni.chapel deGlassball wi.church decGlassball wi.church decGlassba.nativity sm decGlassball nativity decoGlassball w/angel decoGlass nativity baro.decGlass cottage decoGlassbel.Glim./Stag decGlass angel decoratedGlass owl baroque decoGlass-g.Star/Tree AngelGlass star glimmer decoGlass tree glimmer decoGlass drop baroque deco

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