Rasp Gesellschaft m.b.H.
Salzburg, Austria
Rasp company, since 1954.

Bouillon- Flat- and Pearl-Wires - Krüll-Paper

Brasswire brassfrillBouillonwire brassfrillBouillon jagged-frillBrasswire snake-frillSilver-bouil.sleek ø3mmBouillon sleek ø1mmSilver-bou.sleek ø0,8mmWave-bouillon-wire ø2mmSilv.snake-bouillo.ø2mmBouillon-snake. ø 0,8mmBrasswire snake frillDMK bouillon ø 3,5mmCordonnet-wire 0,18Cordonnet-wire 0,20Pearl-wire fine ø 1mmBouillon-wire-effectPap.stripesKrüll 5mm

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