Rasp Gesellschaft m.b.H.
Salzburg, Austria
Rasp company, since 1954.

Sequins - Mirrors - Gemstones - Beads

Sequins flat 6mmMirror round ø 10mmMirror round ø 20mmMirror round ø 25mmMirror square 10x10mmMirror w/Bead-edge smCrystal cutted ø 6mmCrystal cutted ø 8mmCrystal in cup base 7mmWax-Beads acrylic 3mmWax-Beads acrylic 4mmWax-Beads acrylic 5mmWax-Beads acrylic 6mmWax-Beads acrylic 8mmWax-bead plastic round

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