Rasp Gesellschaft m.b.H.
Salzburg, Austria
Rasp company, since 1954.

Bead Items - Stamen - Bead Chains

Bead-wire heartSerial bead heartBead-twig round x5x6Bead-Heart miniBead-HeartBead-heart on stemBead on String x 3Bead on String x 3Bead on String x3 shortBead-Bow x 2Bead-CoilStar-sequins x13Bead-stringBead-string smbg 11m/RoBead-Flower 8mmBead butterfly miniWedding-rings glimmerAcry.Fac.-Ball on wireCrystal x2 on ribbonCrystal-Heart on wireStamen 1,8-2mmStamen 1-1,8mmStamen flat 2-3mmStamen 1,5-2mmIlex-berry 2,5mm threadIlex-berry 2-3mm papersIlex-berry on wire 2mmIlex-berry on wire 5mmIlex-drop on wire 6mmStamen flat 2mmStamen flat 2mmStamen flat 2mmPep-heart on wireIlex-berry x5 on wireIlex berry on wire stemGlimmer Ilex-berry/wireDrop Ilex-berry on wireMuzzle-stamen on paperStamen on paperStamen Drop/flock o/papStamen DropStamen DropStamen long/smoothStamen spiky-longStamen on wire longBead-chain 3mmBead-chain 4mm

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