Feather-Sizoflor-Felt- Nest- Wire-items

Deco-FeatherFeather wing sm.on wireFeather wing on wireSizoflor-ribbon 4cmSizoflor-ribbon 8cmWooden heart flatWooden heart twice flatBirchbark heartBirchstyle-heart sm o/sMoss sty.heart stem smSisal-heart sm. on stemSisal-heart on stemFelt-flower on stemFelt-heart on stemFelt-starCord-coneFelt-coneBirchstyle-coneBirchstyle-rectangleBirch.double-heart o/stCheck-heart sm on stemFelt-teddy mini w/bowNest-ball sm o/wireNest-ball sm o/wireNest-ballNest-ballNest-heart sm on stemNest-heart on stemNest-basket w/handleNest-cone on stemNest-cone on stemSmall rod/Wire w/BallCoco-heart on wireCoco-ring on wireNest-ringNest-ringSilver cone/bouillonBouillonheart mi.o/stemSil.heart bou.mi.o/stemWire-heart sm o/stemWire-heart sm o/stemWire-heart on stemWire-heart on stemWire-heart bulgyTwin-Heart bracel. 35cm

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