Foliage and Leaves - Grass Items

Myrtle w/blossom excl.Mini-Ivy Panicle x5Myrtle to bind x8Myrtle-Leaf silk-bondedMyrtle-LeafCloverleaf miniViolet-Leaf mediumRose leaf smallRose-Leaf bigRose-Leaf maxiRose-Leaf x5Wine-leaf miniWine-leafRose-leaf x3 smallWine-leaf bigSilk-Boxwood hand-bondeOak-leafButtercup-leafApple-Leaf smallFir-tip smallFir-tip miniFir-tip miniFernleaf miniBlade o.grass short x10Blade of grass x5Blade of grass x5 seedsIvy-leaf miniIvy-leaf mediumIvy-leafHydrangea-leafAutumn-Leaf bigSalal-leaf bigHemp-leaf miniSilk-primula leafGlimmer-Ivyleaf-twig x6Glimmer-Rose-leaf smallSilver twig x18Sizoflor-Ivy leafSizoflor-Rose leaf longSatin-Rose-leaf smallSatin-Ivy-leaf roundLace leaf longVelour-Rose-leaf bigSilk-Boxwood mini longSilk rose leaf mini x10Silk-Ivy mini x6Silk-Ivy mini x12Silk-Ivy mini x36 XlongLeaf-tendril x7Clubmoss x3RosemarySilver Ragwort miniSilk-Ruscus hand-bondedStrawberryleaf x3 smallIlex-leaf smallLaurel-leaf smallMaple-leaf bigVelvet-Rose-Leaf smallMoss style-Ivyleaf miniGrass bow x3Leaf loopGrass heart asymmetricGrass heart asymmetricGrass heart w/beadsLeaf coneSilk-Boxwood mini ringSilk-Boxwood ringApple leaf twig x3Paper-fir tip 10cmPeacock feather

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